We believe that a skincare routine is only as effective as your commitment to it. That’s why we created a focused skincare collection without any unnecessary steps, allowing you to get the maximum benefits from the time you invest in your skin. Daily dedication to skincare allows you to receive the fullest benefits from our products and taking time to care for yourself brings greater balance, confidence and stability. We hope you feeling better will make you want to do good for the world too. 

Gel Collection: Powered by 7D

Instantly Gratifying Hydration

Discover hydrated, radiant and nourished skin with our newest gel collection. Key ingredient 7D Hyaluronic Acid utilizes an optimal range of seven unique molecular weights to moisturize the skin from the top to its deepest layers, giving you both instant and long-term benefits. Keeping in the same three-step routine for lasting skin health, the Retrograde Gel Cleanser and Mystifying Moisturizer offer a new lightweight gel texture and feeling.

Explore the new collection today, powered by 7D.

Our Three Step Routine

Our skincare philosophy is rooted in committing to a simple, daily routine, while delivering maximum results to your skin and well being. Comprised of three steps: cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing, our formulations work together to create the foundation for lasting skin health. Find three minutes for skincare each morning and night and discover the transformative potential of investing that time in yourself.

Our Refill System

Humanrace products operate with a refill system. Your Humanrace packaging has a cream inner unit made of over 50% post-consumer recycled landfill plastic. These refills can be popped out of the green base and recycled. When you need a new refill, order online and we’ll ship to you. Our refill units are sealed with heat instead of a traditional plastic cap. We are proud of this change, as we save over 1,200 single-use plastic caps per hour during manufacturing.

Dr. Elena Jones

Our Chief Dermatologist

Dr. Elena Jones, MD, is a native New Yorker, board-certified Dermatologist, mother, and long-time friend and Dermatologist of Pharrell, having been first introduced to him 25 years ago. Dr. Elena went to Georgetown School of Medicine. She completed Pediatrics Residency at New York University/Bellevue Hospital and Dermatology Residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Today, Dr. Elena has her own practice in New York City, where she enjoys supporting her patients, learning about their skin health and helping give them the confidence to embrace their skin and individuality.

Utilizing industry-leading research and knowledge from her own practice, Dr. Elena advises, consults and supports in the development of all Humanrace formulations from the inception to the final product.