At Humanrace, we design essential tools for living that support good habits and benefit the mind, body and spirit. We know that the things we surround ourselves with have a powerful impact on our ease of navigating life. We believe that the way our products make you feel when you use them, wear them, or see them in your home is just as important as their function and quality. That’s why we only consider a product successful if it is necessary, useful and beautiful.

Our approach to creating products of value is rooted in the rigorous methods of industrial design and driven by an intense focus on materials, development and craft. We work in close, direct collaboration with all of our suppliers and manufacturers, which allows us to hone the integrity and sustainability of every aspect of our products. Our quality is the result of a thousand small decisions and we work to ensure that every choice we make elevates our product’s function, sustainability and character.

We do all of this in the hopes of creating products that help ease friction, further your goals and earn a lasting place in your life.