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Welcome to the Human Race Project. Giving mankind a chance to be remembered forever. The story of each individual member of the human race is an invaluable story in the book of human history.

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You are alive as long as you are being remembered. Human Race® assures your memory will live on into the future and your light will continue shining forever.

Imagine a book with an infinitely-growing number of pages, each page representing a life and their story. This book is constantly expanding as time unfolds, acting as an organic living testament to time and mankind.

Untill now, only the memory of the "greats"- the famous and the infamous- have been allowed to live on in the books of history.

For the first time in human history, each person has the ability to write their own page in history. Their story, their living legacy, can be forever immortalized in the Book of Human Race®.

A Fading Memory

Every day, the memory of someone is lost forever. Like precious family photos that fade and fray with age, the memory of ourselves and those we love are sure to be victims of the passage of time.

What will your great-grandchildren know about you? Likely, not much more than you know about your great-grandparents. Our accomplishments, what we love, even what we live for will one day be lost forever. It will be as though we never existed.

Unlike Any Other

Human Race® will be unlike any platform currently available. Today, the most innovative social networks focus exclusively on the present. Likes, tweets, status updates and timelines are preoccupied with the ever-changing circumstances of the “right now”.

As a result, social networks are prone to clutter, and can never accurately reflect who we truly are. After all, you are so much more than just tweets and status updates.

Your Legacy Immortalized

By claiming your page in the book of Human Race®, your essence can forever be commemorated in the collective memory bank of mankind.

Every member of the human race is accountable for what they leave behind. The sincere personalized history will be saved into our archives, where your legacy will be cherished for generations to come.

A Collaborative Effort

To bring this project to reality, we will need your individual support. The Human Race® Project will be a massive endeavor to say the least.

Support will be needed to further develop our platform and the necessary infrastructure. As this project will span generations, all systems must be designed with longevity in mind.

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Our Unique Tools to Tell Your Unique Story, Now And Forever


As a main feature, your biography will be the platform to showcase your unique personal story - how you would like to be remembered. You may choose to free-write your bio, or follow the guides and examples we provide.


Time-released private messages to loved ones, friends or any others at a selected date in the future, from you. This time capsule is a secure digital vault designed to preserve and deliver your notes, letters, videos, etc. at a future date.

Point Of Contact

Each member will have the option of linking their page to their other existing online profiles, such as social media, blogs, or personal websites, allowing their page to become a central point of contact.



Each time a user visits a page, their location will display as a point of light on a World Map. Resulting points of light will continue to glow, slowly dimming out over time, thereby illustrating how your memory continues to live on.


Because one picture is not enough to tell your story, The SafeKeep™ is a uniquely personalized media album to save and/or share those photos, videos and pieces of music that will help to tell the story of who you are.

The Human Tree

Our Family Tree interface will let you visualize and navigate across generations with ease with has over 76 million members, (In collaboration with Geni’s World Family Tree).

"Time crumbles things; everything grows old under the power of Time and
is forgotten through the lapse of time."-Aristotle


About the Human Race® Project

The Human Race® Project provide For the first time in human history, each person has the ability to write their own page in history. Their story, their living legacy, forever immortalized in the Book of Human Race®.
No. Although your page can be linked to your existing social media, The Human Race® project is not a social network. Its focus is on representing you and your life with the future in mind - how you would like to be remembered.
In a poetic sense, you are alive as long as you are being remembered. The Human Race® Project is designed to ensure that your memory will live on for generations to come.
Essentially, each page will serve as a biographical entry in the Book of Human Race®. Each page will have a photo, a biography, and users will have the choice of using features like The ForeverLight™, FutureYou™, SafeKeep™, etc...
You will have the freedom to adjust privacy settings according to your personal preferences. Basic privacy settings make only your name, photo, and a summarized bio viewable to persons outside of your permissions.
No. Unlike, which helps users to find persons in the past, Human Race® will ensure that people in future can learn about you. Simply said they fucus on the past, we fucus on the future.
No. Human Race® is a for-profit corporation, but our hearts and minds are in the right place. As our dream and goal is to develop a platform that will bring great value to humanity, your financial support will go towards furthering the development of this goal. Consequently, any financial support provided will not be tax deductible.
Supporters of Human Race® will have the privilege of beta testing the platform. Once the completed platform is launched, supporters accounts will automatically be grandfathered into the new system and highlighted as “PIONEER". This distinction will exist indefinitely.
- As you can imagine, the Human Race® project will be a huge endeavor, one that will require the financial backing of supporters like you to start, develop, and maintain. The proceeds from our crowd-funding fundraiser will go towards the development of the platform and its infrastructure, and establishing a solid trust to manage and oversee the project in the future.
A trust will be established to manage, direct and maintain the project far into the future. That is, within the limitations of technology. As long as we are able to store the data from each profile, the Human Race® project will continue In order to ensure the multi-generational nature of this project.

Thank You For Your Support

Human Race® Project Milestones

Conception- June 2014

Gathering the pieces together. The Human Race team prepares for the conception of the project by developing the Core team, and laying the foundation for future.

Crowd Funding - June 2014

To bring this project to reality, we will need your individual support to develop our platform and the necessary infrastructure. For the people, by the people. The Human Race Project launches its crowd-sourced fundraiser.

Beta Release - Feb 2015

The soft-launch of the HumanRace beta-platform will mark the first glimpse of the future. And since we appreciate the help of our supporters so much, we feel it’s only fair they have the first crack at it. Beta-testers will be the pioneers of HumanRace ,grandfathered into the finished platform and forever immortalized in the system as “PIONEER".

Project Launch - June 2015

The Genesis of The Future. Historians will remember this in human history. The day the world ceased to forget.

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